Domain 2.5kw Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System

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Domain 2.5kw Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System



Capacity Rate MinimumW1000
Capacity Rate MaximumW3100
Capacity Rate MinimumW1000
Capacity Rate MaximumW3700
Power DataPower SupplyPh-V-Hz220-240V ~50Hz
Power Supply ConnectionOutdoor Unit
Voltage Range165 ~ 265
Running Current Cooling3.6 (1.3 ~ 6.5)
Running Current Heating3.6 (1.3 ~ 7.0)
Rated Input CoolingW590 (290 ~ 1300)
Rated Input HeatingW590 (290 ~ 1500)
Maximum Current Cooling6.5
Maximum Current Heating7.0
Maximum Input CoolingW1300
Maximum Input HeatingW1500
Fan SystemAir Circulation Coolingm3/h550
Air Circulation Heatingm3/h550
Indoor Fan Speeds Coolingrpm1000 / 800 / 700
Indoor Fan Speeds Heatingrpm1000 / 900 / 800
Indoor Fan Speeds Dryrpm700
Indoor Fan Speeds Sleeprpm700
Indoor Fan Motor OutputW18
Outdoor Fan Speedsrpm830 / 750 / 650
Outdoor Fan Motor OutputW33
Moisture RemovalL/H0.8
Refrigerant SystemRefrigerant TypeR410A
Precharge Amountg1000
Compressor TypeRotary
ConnectionsConnecting Pipe GasInch3/8
Connecting Pipe LiquidInch1/4
Maximum Pipe LengthMetres15
Maximum Height DifferenceMetres5
Connecting Wiringmm x cores1.5 x 5
Dimensions / WeightsIndoor Unit (WxHxD)mm814 x 306 x 210
Outdoor Unit (WxHxD)mm760 x 551 x 256
Indoor Unit Weightkg9
Outdoor Unit Weightkg28
Indoor Unit Packaging (WxHxD)mm885 x 366 x 278
Outdoor Unit Packaging (WxHxD)mm863 x 600 x 325
Indoor Unit Gross Weightkg11
Outdoor Unit Gross Weightkg31
Noise LevelIndoordb (A)24 – 42
Outdoordb (A)52
Outdoor Operating TemperaturesCoolingDegrees Celcius-7 ~ 52
HeatingDegrees Celcius-15 ~ 24
Indoor Operating Temperature RangeCoolingDegrees Celcius16 ~ 31
HeatingDegrees Celcius16 ~ 31


The ISR26H inverter split system air conditioner is a very powerful wall mounted air conditioning system. This premium split system air conditioner has been developed with state of the art inverter technology to increase the efficiency to the highest standards in the market today. This Domain Air inverter split system has various functions right at your fingertips and with a variable speed inverter compressor the ideal temperature can be maintained all year round. Install an IWR51G inverter split system air conditioner in your home or office and enjoy the benefits of this premium air conditioner today.



Domain’s Inverter reverse cycle air conditioning is perfect for can heating and cooling your home. It can be one of the most efficient ways to heat your home using electricity.

Domain’s reverse cycle air conditioners absorb heat from the outside air to warm the air inside. This is a more efficient heating technique than other conventional heating appliances which have to “create” heat energy.

Domain’s air conditioner absorbs the heat from the inside air and dissipates it the outside, leaving your home comfortable and cooler.

Domain’s inverter split system air conditioners are more powerful whilst also more energy efficient than conventional systems. The inverter technology works by automatically varying their speed up and down in relation to fluctuations in room temperature to provide a more consistent desired temperature.

This ability to vary the speed of the compressor allows Domain’s inverter systems to be highly energy efficient. These premium inverter split system air conditioners offer various operating functions including heating, cooling, fan, dehumidification(dry) mode, and multiple fan speeds ensuring your comfort all through all seasons for many years to come.

The compressor is the heart of a Domain air conditioner. Situated within the outdoor unit, the compressor pumps refrigerant to the indoor unit. This unit features a quality rotary compressor.

Additional information

Weight31 kg
Dimensions86 × 33 × 60 cm


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