304 Stainless Steel Two Waves Automatic Hand Dryer 1800W

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Hand dryer is a device used in almost all wash rooms for hygienically drying hands. Hand dryers are most eco-friendly as they are instrumental in saving paper and towels.


This is our “Dolphy” heavy duty stainless steel extreme accelerating hand dryer. This hand dryer truly says its name by its extreme power. This elegant stainless steel motion activated hand dryer is an energy efficient, eco-friendly, and time saving machine.

  • Product Name: 304 Stainless Steel Two Waves Automatic Hand Dryer 1800W
  • Material : 304 Stainless Steel
  • Color : stainless steel, gloss finish,
  • Two Waves : Hot & Cold
  • Wind speed : >40 M/S
  • Dry hands of time : 10-12 S
  • Voltage : 220V (50Hz – 60Hz)
  • Sensor distance : 5~20cm
  • Blowing rate : 30m/s
  • Blowing Volume : 270m³/h
  • Motor speed : 2800r/min
  • Current : 11.4A
  • Installation : Wall Mounted


  • Using infrared sensor, chip control technology, superior and stable performance.
  • Strong wind, safe time, rapidly dry hands within 10 seconds.
  • Stainless steel design, beautiful and easy, strong and durable.
  • Multiple protection for overtemperature and timeout, use more secure.
  • Low noise, health, safety and energy saving.
  • Touchless to prevent the spread of bacteria and the cross infection of the disease.
  • Ideal used in hotels, office buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, food factory, hospital, stadium, other public places and every family, etc.
  • Product advantages: Environmental protection, Health & safety, Convenience, Energy saving, Low noise, Stable performance, Durable stainless steel material

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Weight3 kg
Dimensions32.5 × 29 × 19.5 cm


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