Black Nitrile Gloves PF Carton of 10 packs All Sizes


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Black disposable nitrile gloves – powder free, latex free. – 1000 gloves (10 pack of 100 in a carton)

The black nitrile gloves are designed and made for many industries and have been very popular with the hair & beauty industry, Mechanics, Tattoo artists.

1 carton contains 1000 gloves – 10 packs of 100 gloves.



Disposable PF Nitrile Gloves – Black

Carton of 10 x Packs (1000 gloves)

Black nitrile gloves are powder free, disposable nitrile gloves. They are black in colour for easy recognition. Strong, durable, with excellent grip, they also offer a broad range of chemical resistance, particularly with petroleum based chemicals. Latex free makes them ideal for latex allergy sufferers.

  • Protection from unwanted and dangerous substances.
  • Beaded cuff ensures easy donning and prevents roll down.
  • Superior strength with excellent puncture resistance.
  • Powder-free.
  • Chemical resistance to incidental splash exposure.
  • Odour Free.

Nitrile gloves that are disposable yet strong, durable and with excellent grip.

Nitrile is a synthetic rubber and an alternative to latex for those that may be sensitive. For this reason, these gloves are usually necessary when coming into contact with many people, in order to avoid triggering those with latex allergy, such as in a cosmetic tattoo clinic. Nitrile gloves are often referred to as ‘medical grade’ and are the best choice for puncture resistance.

What are black nitrile gloves used for?

Black nitrile gloves are constructed in a way that makes them extremely chemical resistant, even more so than your average nitrile glove. This makes them particularly suited for automotive workers because the black nitrile gloves can withstand chemicals like iodine and butane, even gasoline.

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