TechSan Sanitising Machine

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TechSan Sanitising Machine

Techsan is the cost-effective, environmentally responsible, easy way to effectively provide long-lasting protection from bacteria and virus transmissions.

  • No plumbing required
  • Alcohol-free disinfectant & sanitiser
  • Zero-waste
  • Touch Free


  • Equipped with 3 infrared patented smart-tech sensors to detect hands from any angle
  • Equipped with 2 spray nozzles for maximum injection volume
  • Equipped with a soft BLUE LED Light – for easy night visibility
  • Equipped with low noise micro fan motor
  • Chamber for hands is constantly being disinfected
  • Automatic solution spray
  • Easy to move and install – via carry/grab side handles
  • Adjustable drying time and injection volume – accurately provides desired solution amount, allowing for true costs to be calculated
  • Refill alert function light
  • 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects
  • Low maintenance required
  • Only use Techhealth-approved disinfectant solution which is alcohol free: SANI-99
  • Refillable container for solution

Additional information

Weight30 kg
Dimensions50 × 40 × 100 cm


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